(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. remove, separate, subduct; retire, retreat, disengage, draw off; abstract, subtract; recall, rescind, recant; resign, relinquish; abdicate, decamp, depart; shrink, recoil, drop out, back out. See departure, recession, seclusion, relinquishment.
(Roget's IV) v.
1. [To retire]
Syn. depart, draw back, take leave; see retire 1 , 3 , retreat 1 , 2 .
2. [To remove from use or circulation]
Syn. revoke, rescind, abolish, repeal, annul, abrogate, veto, suppress, repress, retire, stamp out, declare illegal, ban, bar, nullify, repudiate, reverse, retract, throw overboard, invalidate, quash, dissolve.
Ant. introduce, put on the record, establish*.
3. [To remove]
Syn. take away, draw away, pull out, pull back, switch; see also eliminate 1 , remove 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) v.
1. take back take out, remove, draw, extract.
2. move back retreat, shrink, recede, retire, leave, pull out, quit, evacuate.
3. retract recall, recant, take back, back down, *do an about-face, backpedal, rescind.
4. isolate oneself *go into one's shell.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) verb 1. To move (something) from a position occupied: remove, take, take away, take off, take out. See MOVE. 2. To pull back in: draw in, retract. See SHOW. 3. To move or proceed away from a place: depart, exit, get away, get off, go, go away, leave1, pull out, quit, retire, run (along). Informal: cut out, push off, shove off. Slang: blow1, split, take off. Idioms: hit the road, take leave. See APPROACH. 4. To move back in the face of enemy attack or after a defeat: draw back, fall back, pull back, pull out, retire, retreat. Idioms: beat a retreat, give ground (or way). See FORWARD. 5. To remove from association with: abstract, detach, disassociate, disengage, dissociate. See ASSEMBLE. 6. To disavow (something previously written or said) irrevocably and usually formally: abjure, recall, recant, retract, take back. See ACCEPT.

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